Corporate Videography

Have a company dinner and dance coming up? Or maybe a corporate conference that requires precise, immaculate planning? These moments, once captured, lasts for eternity.  Professional corporate video production in Singapore has arrived with Substance Films. We pride ourselves on our professional service that is sure to impress you. Low quality work is something that can really hurt your company both internally and externally.

And for that purpose, it’s only sensible to want to bring in the best.

Substance Films brings together a professional camera crew on-site, ready to capture the important moments of your corporate event. Our award-winning post production team will then ensure that even the smallest moments are not missed. Whether you need us for commercial videography or need a corporate videographer in Singapore, look no further than our experienced, customer driven team. Our team has worked with everyone, from large companies to smaller niches in order to create a corporate videography experience you can trust.

We’ve produced breathtaking corporate reels for our corporate partners – you might just see them showcased prominently on their website. We do this because we are proud of the work we produce and want to show it off to the world. Don’t just watch what others have been able to do when they partner with Substance Films, enquire now and find out what we could do with your company. There is no time like the present and we are excited to discuss with you what your individual needs are and work on them with you.

So, talk to us today to find out how we can encase the memories of your corporate event in stone. Call our office on +65 9299 4143/ 97117359 or send our team a message via our contact form or through email at